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This is the most ADORABLE  game. You are the best Valerieee!


Oww how cute~


Easy but fun


Hmu when my highscore is taken.

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adorable game! i like how you can make coffee and the controls were pretty easy to work with, its nice you added the letters that you had to use in the game itself though for people who forget or anything and the way you can share highscores in this game with other people is fun, laslty i liked how things got harder the more you play, intresting stuff and great job!

Thanks for the kind words! I'm glad you enjoyed the game

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of course , you made it enjoyable!

Hahah cute! I kept getting stuff wrong
Are you hosting high scores on a server?

Yes! It's a very simple Firebase database that just accepts a name and a score (with some encryption checks). I tried something else before but there was the problem that does not allow http requests, so I had to look for something that works with https.  


oh no! No http requests?! I wanted to use this unity store asset to do what you did 😂

Dreamlo is what I had in my first implementation which only uses HTTP iirc, but then I switched to Firebase. Maybe there are other game hosting sites that allow it though. 

damn hahah. It’s alright then 😂 no leaderboard hahahah! I’ll focus on doing art/design 😂😂😂


I really like this concept. I'm afraid I had to rage-quit the game because my fingers are too uncoordinated to pour anything except a pure black coffee. And who orders a cup of milk and sugar??!!

More updates are coming, so stay tuned people! ♥


enjoyed the game quite a bit!

Thank you for making a video about our game! and that is quite the interesting thumbnail you came up with :-)


lol no problem! thanks for the awesome game let me know once you added or chaned any content in the game!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)