Hi, it's me, Valerie! I'm glad you visited this page. Let me tell you something about myself. I am just a regular girl who works at a coffee shop and loves her job. Seeing the happy faces of customers when I serve them their favorite drinks is a thing that makes me happy too. I am still a bit clumsy at the job, but I try to improve every day :D
Around this time of year, it gets really stressful in the coffee shop and sometimes we have to deal with difficult customers. Despite all that I am really motivated. Could you help me to make this day at work a success? ;)


Play as Valerie, a waitress at a small coffee shop. Help her to make her day successful and customers happy by giving them what they want. Customers will issue their orders to you and your job is it to serve them a cup of delicious coffee (or sometimes they are fine with just milk or sugar too). They get mad and will leave if you give them the wrong ingredients or too much of a certain ingredient. Some customers are also impatient, so you have to hurry to complete their order or they will just leave. 

Make as many customers as possible happy by serving them properly. Making customers happy makes you happy and will also increase the profit of the coffee. They are more likely to come back to the coffee shop and who knows.. maybe they will bring some friends too!


  • Charming and original anime-style art
  • Short and simple but engaging gameplay
  • Progressive difficulty - the better you do the harder the game gets
  • Multiple endings


A - Pour Coffee

S - Pour Milk

D - Pour Sugar

Left/Right Arrow - Move/Switch to other customer




Programming, In-Engine Animations, UI-Layout-Design, Writing 

Blank Canvas: 


2D Art, 2D Animations, UI Icon + Layout Design

Have fun with the game! 


Valeries_Coffee_Shop_WIN_(coffee_jam_version).zip 26 MB
Valeries_Coffee_Shop_LNX_universal_(coffee_jam_version).zip 43 MB
Valeries_Coffee_Shop_Win_(updated).zip 26 MB
Valeries_Coffee_Shop_OSX_(updated).zip 28 MB
Valeries_Coffee_Shop_Lnx_(updated).zip 43 MB

Development log


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I really like this concept. I'm afraid I had to rage-quit the game because my fingers are too uncoordinated to pour anything except a pure black coffee. And who orders a cup of milk and sugar??!!

More updates are coming, so stay tuned people! ♥


enjoyed the game quite a bit!

Thank you for making a video about our game! and that is quite the interesting thumbnail you came up with :-)


lol no problem! thanks for the awesome game let me know once you added or chaned any content in the game!

( ͡° ͜ʖ ͡°)