A downloadable game

3 hour game for my UE4 tutorial xD

Theme of the game jam was: Point of no return. This point is reached when you start my game. 


Left/Right Arrows  or A/D for moving the space ship left and right. 

Space, W or UP Arrow to shoot bullets. 

Install instructions

Download for Windows only, Open "ArcardShooter.exe" inside the WindowsNoEditor folder


ArcadeShooterWin32.zip 134 MB


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Galactica mixed with asteroids with a second chance at life, quite good for 3 hours of work, i enjoyed. Tho a lack of HUD was mildly annoying due to the fact i didn't know how much bullets I had left


thanks for trying out the game! I will probably add the hud in a future version, along with some things to make the game more fun hopefully.