About the game

Asciiventure is a Pokemon inspired RPG/Adventure game that only uses text for its visual presentation. It was developed for the floppy jam: https://itch.io/jam/floppyjam

Due to time constraints the round based battle system didn't make it in. In the current state the game just simulates an overworld movement. The battle system will probably be added in the near future. 


WASD/Arrow Keys  = move

Space/E/Enter            = interact


asciiventure-files.zip 470 kB
Credits.txt 1 kB

Development log


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Where's the game files? If they aren't posted the submission will be deleted.

Added now!

I'm unable to play. The game becomes bigger than the canvas can display.

(1 edit)

Sorry about that, as it turns out, 1 hour to upload the project was not enough since I still have major issues with resolving paths for loading resources too. I checked other threads and suggestions are to check if paths to other files are written correctly (itch.io resolves them case sensitive) and if they are relative and not absolute. Both of those considerations didn't fix the problem for me. 

Edit: the problem is fixed, you can read about the issue in my dev logs  :-)